Preventing Baby Deaths in Hot Cars says:

Even the best of parents or caregivers can overlook a sleeping baby in a car; and the end result can be injury or even death.

Yet everytime we hear of one of these harrowing deaths — and there are about 38 of them every year — we also hear a chorus of disbelieving parents shouting malice. How could you forget your baby in the car? 

It could happen to anyone.  Really, it could.  It could happen to you. [Read more…]

Parenting News Roundup

In the news this week…

  • Keeping your kids healthy as a heatwave smothers the nation.
  • Recognizing drowning so you can stop it.
  • Do the children of working mothers struggle more than those of stay-at-home moms?
  • New Zealand bans weird baby names.

Please listen here: [Read more…]

Taxes and Consequences

No doubt, the Texas Legislature under Governor Rick Perry had a problem, not unlike the problem faced by state legislatures all across the country.  It started writing its latest budget already about 27 billion dollars in the hole.  Determined to hold the line on taxes, the legislature began looking for places to cut…and cut, and cut.  Public education did not avoid the ax, and the amount of cash sent to schools by the state has diminished dramatically.  Many school districts, also unwilling or unable to raise taxes, began to look for places to cut.  In at least one Texas school district, one of the larger cuts came in transportation.  There will be no more free bus rides in the Keller Independant School District.  Parents will pay hundreds if they choose to bus their kids to school. [Read more…]

Take-Your-Baby-To-Work-Day, Everyday (Or, Do it Like Missourians Do)

A Missouri company lets parents take their newborns to work all day, every day, until they’re six-months-old.  Check it out:

CNN Video: Babies at work: Parents more productive?

I think this is fantastic.  Why?  [Read more…]


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